I’m Lucrezia Frola, a young illustrator from Turin, and, I have to say it, after many years i’ve found myself, and my happiness in the world of illustration that since I was born, although in different forms, I’ve never abandoned.

My style contains a strong passion and inspiration for the natural world in all its aspects, my illustrations are populated by fantastic animals and imaginative, picturesque and dreamlike natural landscapes in which I often represent myself.

Women, along with wild plants and everyday rustic objects, are among my favorite subjects, “ We are fabulous beings, just like flowers, and I never miss the chance to match the female body to a spontaneous flowering flower”.

More complex and detailed works are combined sometimes with patterns, sometimes with works characterized by simplified, primitive features and shapes, as seen in my first zine “Primitiva": “I wanted to see if my removing details, I could keep my style and be recognizable, I’m rather satisfied since my peculiar features have been maintained”.

So please, welcome to my imaginary and natural world.